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Rhyme & Reason is an insights-based strategy agency founded by a pair of research renegades.

Our mission is to make sure no insight gets left behind.


how the magic happens

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We only have
eyes for you

We take on way fewer projects than the average bear (ideally just one), so we can do less but better. This means we have to say no to some projects which sucks. But we’re okay with it, because it lets us knock your project out of the park, faster than you thought possible.

And did we mention we’ll be the ones doing the work? We’re super hands on, personally obsessing about every component of the work. We approach even the smallest elements of a project with a spirit of innovation and imagination.

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Open the
idea aperture

While we’re laser-focused on you, we’re also thinking about everything we’ve ever learned… all for your project. Because you never know what information will lead to a breakthrough insight. Our brains live in max expansion mode: looking for dots to collect and then connect. Think Beautiful Mind, but with more post-its.

We obviously didn’t invent lateral thinking. So we look to leverage creative and idea-producing techniques from a wide range of disciplines, think everything from screenwriting to fine art.

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Are you not entertained?

Insights that last are captivating and catchy. The best insights are built to endure the internal game of telephone that every researcher plays inside an organization. Our findings can easily be pitched to every colleague you bump into in the elevator. If you and your clients don’t remember the most important bits of our work months later, you should fire us.

We’ll also give you a lot of information, but it will never feel like that. Our reports are built to be page turners, because research should feel more like a New York Times feature than a TPS report. We draw inspiration from people like David Gelb and Michael Lewis to create work that is impactful and unforgettable.

Why work with us?


We can do every method under the sun.*

But the best time to reach out to us is when:

  • You’ve got a project that’s keeping you up at night

  • You need the answer in 10 days and 3 perfect pages

  • Every proposal looks the same

  • You know there’s a better way, you just haven’t found it yet

  • You’re doing something you’ve never done before

  • The stakes have never been higher

  • You’re working on a career-defining question

  • You don’t know who else to call

  • You don’t know where to start

  • You need something they’ll never forget

  • You want to wow a crowd

  • The first layer of the onion isn’t good enough

  • Your CEO is counting on you

  • The itinerary goes from Berlin to Bangkok

  • You need someone to bounce ideas off of

  • You read an entire report and didn’t learn a damn thing

  • You need to change your mind... or someone else’s

  • You need it done perfectly the first time

  • You’re done being ghosted the day your focus groups end

  • You need someone else to worry about your work as much as you do

*Okay, we haven’t literally done every single methodology ever invented. But we’ve done a lot of different methodologies, in different countries, for different clients. And we like the saying, so we went with it. But you’re smart, so you get the point.


Who's behind it all? A debater & a diplomat

Darwin & Wallace. Watson & Crick. Barnum & Bailey. Dave & Buster. Great things come in pairs.

Christina & Anne share many virtues (great laughs, great moms, great hosts), but they each bring unique skills and perspectives to their work (if you believe the Enneagram). This contrast in style and worldview makes the work stronger. Christina is the salt to Anne’s acid; Anne’s the fat to her heat.


Christina Siden

Christina has spent her entire, storied 17-year career navigating through the jungle of market research. She cut her teeth at Lieberman in the early aughts, and then moved on to help turn Hypothesis into one of the world’s leading, and few remaining, independent research agencies in the country. Along this journey, she’s worked in every methodology and category you can think of: but go ahead and try her next time you see her.

Christina has executed game-changing research for Mattel, Starbucks, Disney and Facebook, to name a few. Her work helped Mattel understand the Future of Play and identify gaps in their product portfolio, which led to their acquisition of Mega Blocks and Roseart. She also led research that inspired the development of Disney Junior, from the channel’s overall strategy to marquis franchises like Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor. Let’s just say the girl knows how to run both a focus group and board room, if you catch my drift.

When she’s not helping Starbucks build, position and launch new beverages, you can find Christina hitting the playground with her two kiddos or testing out recipes from Ottolenghi’s newest cookbook.


Anne Trench

Anne spent the first 10 years of her career collecting great cocktail party conversation from consumers, I mean working in research. She’s researched everything from DVDs to dog food, traveling from Taipei to Rotterdam to chat with consumers of every ilk.

She was lucky enough to be part of Netflix’s meteoric rise from zero original shows to nearly a thousand. In her time at Netflix, her work informed original show launches, new market launches, as well as Netflix’s overall brand strategy. With plenty of notches in her focus group belt, she then tried her hand at putting insights to work, making earned, owned and paid campaigns for one of the world’s most beloved brands (Netflix, duh). At Netflix, she worked in consumer insights, brand PR and brand marketing. She developed and launched 360 global, insight-driven campaigns to the press and the people, including Netflix Cheating, Bingeing in Public, Six Degrees of Netflix, and Make Room.

When Anne’s not ‘focus grouping’ everyone she meets, you can find her drawing with her kiddos, barbecuing like a maniac, or in downward-facing dog somewhere on the Northeast Side of LA.